• SoftLit: Super simple software-rasterizer in less than 1000 LoC, capable of rendering ~1M tris @30 FPS on Intel Skylake 6700-HQ.1
  • Basic GI: Minimal raytracer that I wrote in a few hours featuring diffuse & specular shading, soft and hard shadows, mirror-like reflections and refractions with MSAA and gamma-correction support.


  • JBICDemo framework that I created from scratch using C++ and OpenGL 4.5 Just Because I Can. I implemented following essential rendering features:
      • Simple asset pipeline based on Blender & OBJ model format
      • Custom .scene description to quickly create demo scenes
      • Blinn-Phong per-fragment point/directional/spot lighting
      • Normal mapping, environment mapping, light mapping
      • Post-process effects: Edge Detection, Gaussian Blur, Motion Blur, HDR & Tonemapping, Bloom, DoF, Lens Flare
      • Shadow Mapping, PCF, Cascaded shadow maps
      • Deferred shading
      • Screen-space Ambient Occlusion
  • Arcade Racing : Single/Multiplayer 3D racing game project that I’ve created as my graduation project. The game is written with C++ using the awesome open-source rendering engine OGRE3D and Bullet Physics. Check the project’s page for more details and code & assets on GitHub!

  • GAZO:  Web portal games that I ported to Android & iOS adding social features, leaderboards. Within 3 months, I ported 12 web-based games to mobile platforms.

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